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August 2018

1.  BAS Speaker V40N2 has been published. It features our visit to Brandeis's Memory and Cognition Laboratory by John S. Allen. Also, On listening to FM Broadcasts by Brian Geyer.

And The Answer, My Friend, is Blowing in the Port by Peter V.K. Brown.

2.  In the TV series “The Fringe”, investigators solve cases with the paranormal, with gore. It is well produced and entertaining as long as you don't take it seriously. The science in each episode starts with a kernel of truth and quickly becomes nonsense. The audio has some problems. The voices have a claustrophobic sound with no ambience, perhaps because of body mikes, and every time the dialogue rises above conversational level the compressors kick in. Shouting is no louder than ordinary speaking. This was probably a decision made at the beginning of the series to speed production since then they wouldn’t have to worry about level –everything is the same. The Dr. Who series is notorious for this and even some major motion pictures--Water World for example.
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