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November 2018

1.  Look to Cloud to Safeguard Your Digital Life by David Pierce

When it comes to keeping our digital files safe, you should follow the 3-2-1 rule. Coined by photographer Peter Krogh and now so widely respected that the government recommends it, the rule goes like this: Have at least 3 copies of everything, on at least two different types of media, at least one of which should be somewhere else. Two computer copies and cloud storage are one way. He reviews four of the biggest services: i Cloud, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. [ I like the idea of hard storage so I have copies on two hardrives, and when I accumulate enough material (concerts), I burn a DVD for my files and an M-Disc archival DVD which holds about 4.3 GB which I give to the client.

Flash drives are an interesting possibility since their prices have been dropping. They have a finite number of record-erase cycles but I have not seen any limitation on their lifespan when just stored. They are small so could easily fit in a glass jar which would preserve them (buried in the back yard!)]

From Steve Owades: This outfit is offering packages of “lifetime” archival storage at an appealing price. I don’t know them, so you’d want to check into exactly what they mean by “optimizing” the stored data to ensure that they aren’t imposing some sort of lossy compression.

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