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September 2019

1.  In 2018 sales of classical music increased faster than any other type of music. Streaming rose 42 per cent. CDs are still 60 per cent of the market and sales rose by 6.9%.

2.  A couple months ago I wrote about great conductors, giving Willem Mengelberg as an example. I found a link which has all his recorded legacy available for listening:

Here it is the message, repeated.

I am a fan of the art of conducting and great conductors. Something is lost with today’s note-perfect bland performances. An example from the past is Willem Mengelberg who conducted the Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam for 50 years. His use of rubato (agogics) is unique and sometimes jaw-dropping. Here is an historic example from Tahra Records TAH 391, last mvt Beethoven 3rd, live from 1942, His recorded legacy for listening

There is a new biography by Frits Zwart (The last one was in 1930!).

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