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March 2020

--V41n2 of the BAS Speaker has been published. It features a writeup of the December 2018 meeting White Elephant Sale and birthday party for the BAS by Alvin Foster. Replacing woofer surrounds by David Hadaway. Also reports on CEDIA 2019 by Kenneth Wacks and David Weinberg and 147th AES convention by David Weinberg.

Some New Pro Audio gear

---Subpac M2X is a tactile subwoofer, i.e. you strap it on and it transmits low frequencies directly to your body. The reviewer says “Powerful haptic feedback with extreme low-end and revealing time-domain characteristics .“ $349

--Crescendo by SPL –“first eight-channel Microphone Preamplifier featuring 120V technology. Nearly impossible to overdrive. “

--Rode NT-SF1. Soundfield recording on a budget--$999.

--Meter Plugs Dynameter, Dynamic range metering plug-in. An intelligently focused metering system designed to reveal how dynamic a musical signal is, with the aim of allowing the user to achieve the ideal track dynamics for a given genre or listening platform. $99. Because of increasing use of loudness equalization, absolute loudness is no longer beneficial. In fact it’s the dynamic tracks that stand out.

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