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April 2020

0.  We tried the Zoom connection with some success. I don't have a camera, but plugged in a cheap microphone and it worked, mostly. I had to run an extension cord since my PC is 15 feet away and behind a closed door. On the Zoom forum everyone's video was present, mine was a blank screen. I ordered a $12 camera + mike from China (2-5 weeks). Hosting Zoom is free and unlimited for up to 3 participants. Over 3 it is limited to 40 minutes per session unless you sign up for the $12 a month plan. There is button on the bottom labeled record. I haven't tried it.

1.  Free collection of Boston Symphony broadcast tapes. 7-1/2" reels, ¼ track, mostly 3-3/4 ips Dolby B. Includes some unique 4 channel recordings from the days of simulcast on two FM stations. About 100 tapes. Time period 1979-1982. Can arrange Boston pickup (in better times). email me. (Below)

2.  From BBC Music Magazine Mr20

[In] World War II pianist Lili Kraus was arrested and interred while on tour in Japan.

Seems extreme.

3.  The Innuos Statement music server ($13,750) has many audiophile tweaks—separate power supply with 8 separate supplies, 3 parts per billion clock, high end fuses (“convey more air around instruments”), and tuned feet. I realized that there are no analog inputs or outputs—all digital inside—so none of this can possibly affect the sound. Even John Atkinson is nonplussed as to what to measure. This could be a cause for outrage but philosophically it is just another way of emptying uninformed wealthy persons’ wallets. What is wrong with that? Stereophile Ap20

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