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May 2020

1. From a full page ad in Stereophile: Synergistic Research offers a wide range of replacement fuses for $159.95. “At Synergistic Research we’ve isolated key factors that affect how electricity propagates by changing the behavior of electrons through Inductive Quantum Coupling methods we collectively call UEF Tech. In fact, UEF Tech is so powerful even an electrical chain several miles long is fundimentally [sic] improved with nothing more than a single fuse engineered with our patented UEF Technology”.

Years ago I used pulsed waveforms to measure the resistance of a fuse just before blowing and found a 25% increase in resistance. This could cause some distortion with a speaker load. Otherwise, egregious nonsense. Stereophile Ap2020

And yet there’s more:    

Frequently asked questions.
Q: Are fuses directional?

A: Yes, fuses are directional. Electricity should flow from the left to the right when you view the fuse. If you do not know the direction of flow you should listen to the fuse inserted in both directions. One direction will sound more detailed. This is the correct way.

Q: Do fuses have a burn in period?

A: Yes, most products have a settling in period. The first 200-300 hours of use are the most crucial.

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