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July 2020

1.  In response to my note about the outrageous claims by Synergistic Research fuses, Bryan Geyer wrote that he contacted the FTC about similar advertising and received a generic reply:

“You may have recourse under the Lanham Act, 15 U.S.C. Section 1125(a), which provides a right of action against false advertising that causes injury to competitors. ”

I don’t think Littlefuse or Bussman will be threatened by $160 fuses.
Obviously they weren’t going to do anything.

Perhaps all that can be recommended is to support the BAS which is founded on fact-based audio knowledge.

2.  I was looking through some old files and came across an item from Gramophone from Nov 1982. The PCM-F1 digital processor had just been introduced and Bob Stuart conducted a series of blind test inolving 43 individuals to see if they could hear the processor inserted into a high quality audio chain. The result was no better than chance. Then he took a subset of 5 high scorers (super listeners) and re-tested them. The result was again no better than chance.

This is the same as testing 16 bit CD quality.

Fast forward to today and Bob Stuart is promoting MQA for better than CD quality. I wonder if he has done blind tests to show the benefit.

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