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October 2020

1)  Haniwa Audio has previously presented its products at BAS meetings ( 08/2018, 07/2020 and 02/2019 ) and hosted a BAS meeting in its office. They have created several leading edge products which have been very positively received in the audio world. Haniwa has approached the BAS with an interesting offer. They are looking for two BAS members who are interested in reviewing a Haniwa product. Haniwa is offering for review the low impedance phono cartridge with interface unit and the loudspeaker with DSP amplifier system. There would be a 30 day in-home review period resulting in a report written by the reviewer and a later BAS meeting presentation of the experiences. Haniwa may assist in the home installation to ensure the proper operation of their products. The written report may be subject to publication.

2)  In January, President Trump’s campaign team played the R.E.M song “Everybody Hurts” at a rally in Milwaukee. R.E.M took exception -- ”Please know that we do not condone the use of our music by this fraud and con man,” bassist Mike Mills posted on Twitter.

Aerosmith’s singer Steven Tyler doubled down on his objection two years ago, after Trump used the band’s “Livin’ on the Edge” at a speech in West Virginia. “No is a complete sentence,” Tyler tweeted.

After the Rolling Stones complained repeatedly about his affinity for their end-of-era epic “You Can’t always Get ‘What You Want” (odd counsel from an elected official, no?) the music rights organization BMI told Deadline that the Trump campaign has a “Political Entities License,” which allows it to use any of the 15 million songs within BMI’s purview, unless the artist submits a formal request for exclusion. — Boston Globe 10Jl20

3)  Heeere’s the pitch...and the crowd goes (choose one) “Wild.” “Disconsolate.” “Meh.” Such are the decisions facing an anonymous Red sox employee entrusted with speaking, cheering and grumbling for the 37,000-plus fans who will not pack Fenway Park for each game this season. The noises will be piped in over the public address system. A ubiquitous “crowd murmur” will be always set to “on."

...Something like a sitcom laugh track. — Boston Globe 24Jl20

4)  The BAS is still looking for an assistant editor. The B A S Speaker’s Editor seeks one or more individuals who will serve as an assistant editor, for no more than modest remuneration from the BAS. Functions will include writing, editing, fact-checking, finding topics and articles for synopsis and reprint, obtaining reprint permission, and (to paraphrase the catch-all expression from job descriptions I worked under as a Federal civil servant) other duties as negotiated. If interested, call me to discuss. David J. Weinberg. 301-593-3230.

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