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March 2021

1.  From Hints from Heloise

Here is is a trick for getting rid of racoons in the attic. Simply put a radio turned up loud in the attic. The racoons apparently can’t stand it and leave.

My neighbor had a mom and three little one in her attic. She put the radio in her attic and the racoons were gone within hours. We watched mom take them out via her mouth one at a time. The quote to have pest control company remove the racoons was $1000.

2.  The BAS is looking for an assistant editor. The B A S Speaker’s Editor seeks one or more individuals who will serve as an assistant editor, for no more than modest remuneration from the BAS.

Functions will include writing, editing, fact-checking, finding topics and articles for synopsis and reprint, obtaining reprint permission, and (to paraphrase the catch-all expression from job descriptions I worked under as a Federal civil servant) 'other duties as negotiated'.

You will get to work with a professional editor in the fields of audio and video. The work will allow you to acquire press credentials. Some technical knowledge is an asset but not requirement.

If interested, please email me to discuss.
— David J.Weinberg

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