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June 2021

1. You might notice something odd in this 2021 Lexus IS' glove box. An arm, a needle, a vinyl record ... yup, that's a turntable. In the glovebox. In 2021. And if you aren't a turntablist, or a vinyl enthusiast, you might not recall that records skip.

The physics issues haven't changed since poorly-installed Highway Hi-Fi record players drove their Dodge and Plymouth owners crazy. G-forces can tug on the motor, changing the record's rotation and thus playback speed, and bumps can of course make the needle jump. Lexus upgraded their 3D-printed, carbon fiber turntable with a stepper motor to help with g-forces, a tone arm with highly-tunable tension settings, and a silicone pad under the record to absorb vibrations. Plus, the setup motors out of the glovebox quite dramatically, and plays up to 12-inch records through the IS's renowned Mark Levinson sound system.

It is available on eBay for $15 or so

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