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November 2021

1.  I’ve been selling a lot of surplus DB Systems inventory on eBay (currently 40 auctions).

Ebay wants to sell you a shipping label, but for small items I can do better with First Class Mail (which they don’t consider since there is no tracking or insurance). If it doesn’t arrive I just ship again.

Here is an example where their label is dramatically cheaper.

I sold a box of open reel tape, one pass, weighing 20 lbs, 20” by 12” by 10” and eBay charged the customer $30.70 shipping, based on my supplied weight and size, which is about right for USPS ground. Going to the shipping label page eBay offered to ship flat rate envelope for $8.50, which is absurd.

If you click more options and scroll down, by USPS ground it’s $23.31. Significant savings.

By UPS $14.88. By Fedex $11.88! There’s a Fedex dropoff in the next town so I used that.

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