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February 2022

1.  From Iolante by Gilibert and Sullivan

2.  Monthly The Audiophile Society Meeting:
This is a joint meeting of The Audiophile Society [of NYC; no web page] and the NJ Audio Society. Guests from the Boston Audio Society, the Connecticut Audio Society, the Philadelphia Area Audio Group, the Atlanta Audio Society, the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society and the Houston Audio Society are invited. Zoom guidelines are at this link. The meeting will begin at 1:30 EST, with the presentation starting a little after 2:00. As usual, participants should “raise their hands” using the Zoom “Reactions” to ask questions after the main presentation.

Sunday, February 6th, 2022, at 1:30 p.m. Eastern

The Audiophile Society will conduct this meeting anywhere you want to be.

We had an all-analog meeting in December with J.R. Boisclair, but what’s to stop us from having another? This month, we’re happy to announce that the wizard of wax, the viscount of vinyl, the lord of the long play, Charles Kirmuss, will be delving into the theory and practice of cleaning our precious records. Just as J.R. Boisclair at Wally Tools upended conventions about cartridge setup, Charles has been equally disruptive in challenging the myths and misrepresentations of record care that have accumulated over several decades. Using his $120,000 Keyence VX-7000 digital imager to support his findings, Charles has turned the record-cleaning ritual into a science.

Our friend Michael Fremer headlined an article this way: “If Kirmuss Audio's Record Cleaning Ideas Are Correct Are Everyone Else's Wrong?” Let’s listen to Charles and decide for ourselves. His presentation will cover the production process, the reproduction mechanics when stylus meets groove, and how to get the best sound out of our records. We will, of course, have a Q&A session, so bring your questions and be prepared to learn.

As you know, Charles sells a very affordable and very complete ultrasonic record cleaning—sorry, record restoration—system. It’s a great system, but somewhat time-consuming in practice. Is it the best? Is it worth the effort? We think so, and Charles has generously agreed to give everyone attending the meeting a special “show” discount on the complete KA-RC-1 system: $895 shipped, with an extra 300 ml refill bottle, extra carbon fiber/parastatic felt brush, and goat hair brush included at no charge. The items sold separately have a retail value $1,385, so this is a great offer. Charles will also raffle away five carbon fiber/parastatic felt brushes and four KA-RS-1 record supports.

Now, an important announcement. After the Zoom bombing at our last meeting, we will be requiring advance registration for all future Zooms. No biggie, but see notes below. We will use your registration info as the raffle entry.

Register in advance for this Feb 6 meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting with a link and passcode.

If you haven’t already done so, please download and install the free Zoom app. If after registering you do not get an e-mail with the link and passcode, check your Junk mail. The reply from Zoom will be coming from

Full instructions for troubleshooting can be found in the Support section of Zoom:

If you still can’t manage the Zoom registration, e-mail Mark Block and let him know. You can register at any time, but try to be helpful and take care of it well before the meeting.

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