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May 2022

The BAS is having a Flea Market Saturday May 28, 10:00 AM-2:00 PM (rain date Sunday May 29, 1-5:00 PM) in the town of Rindge in the beautiful Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.

Bring stuff you want to sell. Dealer fee is $2. There is ample free parking.

There is a large quantity of electronic parts (mostly free) .

Also vintage stuff--SVHS VCRs (including High Definition), Laserdisc player + Jazz discs, Behringer DSP8024, Sound Concepts 550, Marantz DP870, dbx 119, Audio and Video Test equipment including a wow and flutter meter, a TV/Satellite signal strength meter, an Audio Precision System One test set (free), audio/video/computer cables, speaker wire, antenna hardware, some speakers and ADS car speakers, Janis W-1 subwoofers, 3 Fender 110XP, single Allison One, Janszen 130 “Quadpod” electrostatic M/T, JBL "egg" subwoofers, headphones, parts cabinets both full and empty, DIY chassis, breadboard, Sears Craftsman table saw, Heathkit AC supply, Magnecord 1020 open reel tape recorder (needs belt), 2 Hall Effect Hitachi D-7500 cassette decks (need belts), Revox cassette deck (repair), turntable (repair), W10 laptop, rock tumbler, sleep inducer, Ukrainian Purple tomato plants and many other items!

There is a list of items here:

For directions, please email me below.

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