BAS Message
July 2022

1. The BAS Speaker is soliciting submissions in July for the August issue. Now is your chance to share your audio observations, positive, negative or neutral, with the promise of prompt publication. It doesn’t have to be long. For example:

Long Movie, Short Review

Interstellar, directed by Christopher Nolan (DVD, 168 min). Never could figure out what it was about. Muddled science. Audio compressed—shouting comes out at conversational level.

2. The Audiophile Society (NY) invites us to a Zoom meeting July 20, Wednesday, 7:30 PM with Norman Varney, “Noise and Vibration from an Audiophile’s Perspective.” He is the Principal Consultant for A/V RoomService, Ltd and has designed well over 500 critical listening rooms around the world.

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