BAS Message
August 2022

1. Our recent in-person meeting with Leo Ayzenshtat of Orchard Audio had many graphs of his products' performance. One caught my eye, labeled THD versus Level. It showed the characteristic apparent rising distortion at low levels of a THD + Noise plot. The definition of THD is a sum of specified number of harmonics and does not include noise. Unless there is crossover distortion the plot will show diminishing distortion as the level is dropped, until the harmonics fall into the noise. A narrow band analyzer can be used to chase the harmonics below the noise.

I contacted Audio Precision, the maker of the hardware/software he's using, and got an opaque and evasive reply. Not satisfactory for a company of their reputation.

2. The new issue, V43N1, of the BAS Speaker will be published shortly. It features AXPONA and CES reports and is the first issue under my editorship. I hope you enjoy it.

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