President's Message
December 2005

1. The long-running feud between Interlochen Music Camp in Michigan and Interlocken International Camp in New Hampshire (my message of November 2003, repeated below) has been settled with the NH camp changing its name to Windsor Mountain International Camp.

"Hello Muddah, hello Faddah*, we're in court" begins a piece by Alex Beam. It seems the summmer music camp Interlochen Center for the Arts in MI ( ) is suing Interlocken International [summer] camp in NH, ( ) founded in 1928 and 1961 respectivelly. Since no good deed goes unpunished, it started when the marketing staffer in NH emailed MI noting that they get a lot of the other's mail and they should work together. MI responded by suing NH for trademark infringement, adding to their ongoing suit against Land's End for copyright infringement for selling shirts made from "Interlochen" fabric (there is a town in Switzerland by that name). "Why are we not surprised that these two organizations dedicated to promoting harmony and self actualization among young people are suing the dickens out of each other?" Legal fees for NH have reached $600,000. Boston Globe 25Se03.

2. A new movie, "Touch the Sound" chronicles the life of the celebrated Scottish deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie. The review calls it a documentary of immense and mysterious power, emotionally overwhelming even when not much is happening on-screen. Glennie is used to people wondering how the "only full time classical percussion soloist", to quote one website, can hear what she and her collaborators play. She says she picks up vibrations and other approximations of sound through touch, attentiveness, and processes she can't really describe. The same director did the aclaimed documentary "Rivers and Tides", now on DVD. Boston Globe 14Oc05

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