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The BAS Speaker is the Boston Audio Society's journal, published nominally 4 times per year and distributed to paying members. (To become a member, click HERE )

Since 1972, the Speaker has provided a steady diet of substantial articles about audio topics.

The Speaker's perspective generally reflects a working knowledge of the scientific and engineering background of sound recording and reproduction, and an ongoing interest in music, recordings and music performance. The BAS Speaker is the main publication of the society, and is only supplemented by this website.

Some earlier BASS issues, previously available only directly by mail, are now available online, below, HERE .

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Here are some samples of past articles:
(In alphabetical order by author)
Another Man From Hope, by John S. Allen
NR à Go-Go by Michael A. Gendel
Death of 1000 Cuts, by David B. Hadaway
Pronunciation by David B. Hadaway
The Digital Challenge by Stanley P. Lipshitz
ABX Testing part 1 by E. Brad Meyer  (from the December 1990 meeting, BASS Vol. 19 No. 3)
ABX Testing part 2
Wishful Thinking by Tom Nousaine (Illinois)
Reminiscences by John A. Thompson (Vermont), Jack Reed (Illinois), and Dan Shanefield (New Jersey)
Clarity vs Fidelity, by Dan Shanefield
Here's an updated list of recent BASS Contents

V26-4 contains 0 meeting summaries, but many interesting articles including The Amazing Randi's one million dollar challenge to the Golden Ears, a report on CEDIA by David Weinberg, selecting audio converter chips for digital audio, a review of the Stanton 500E Mk II cartridge, and early reports on James Levine and the BSO in rehearsal and concert. 32pp

V26-3 contains 3 meeting summaries: May 2004 meeting, "David Griesinger and Leo Beranek on sight and sound in enclosed space" by John S. Allen; April 2004, written by David Moulton, on his BeoLab 5 loudspeaker system: "Reconceiving dispersion and in-room EQ"; May 2003, "Earthworks: Eric Blackmer on mikes, speakers, bandwidth", by John S. Allen. Also a writeup of the April 2004 AES-DC meeting, "RPG Diffusor Systems: Peter D'Antonio on attacking room distortion" by Fred Geil and David J. Weinberg. 42 pp

V26-2 contains 4 meeting summaries: 1. Piano buff David Temple's account of our trek to the historic piano museum in Ashburnham. And they are not just museum pieces, but working pianos available for demonstrations and concerts featuring music of the period in which the piano was made. 2. The Do-It-Yourself meeting at Brookes Tanner's cabinet shop in Manchester NH. 3. WCES reports. 4. The Boston Symphony's Transcription Trust Archives with Bridget Carr and Bob Miller. Articles: "The Death of Dynamic Range" chronicles the loudness wars on CD. "By Any Measure" reviews the history of sound measurement. "Crafting Sound: Luthier Ray Hardy" profiles a string instrument maker. 34pp.

V26-1 contains a summary of the meeting centering on David Temple's Martin Logan electrostatic loudspeakers in his home. Also a special meeting at Boston's Wang Center with emphasis on the sound reinforcement system designed by John F. Allen. There are CES reports by David Weinberg, a report on internet radio by John S. Allen, a review of the Canton Ergo RC-A by David Moran, and obituaries and reminiscenses of Lou Souther, Julian Hirsch, Peter Walker, and Thomas Stockham. 35pp.

V25-4 contains the long awaited results of Alvin Foster's Headphone Clinic, featuring frequency response plots of a couple dozen headphones, with square waves, impedance plots, distortion tests, listening test and more. Also featured is a visit to Al Southwick's basement studio, acoustically engineered from the ground up and the walls in, and isolated from the the house above by lead sheets. David Weinberg analyzes his Lexicon surround processor's handling of low frequencies. In a reprint from Stereophile, John Atkinson compares the SACD with the CD layer, both in listening and lab tests. 33 pp

V25-3 contains summaries of meetings with Karl Winkler of Sennheiser microphones, Goodwin's high end audio (store), and Gordon Instruments (mike pre). Also an analysis by Carl Deneke of high frequency performance of sampled digital audio systems. John S. Allen reports on his sometimes befuddling experience with setting up his first home theater system. Alvin Foster does a comparative survey with lab tests of several sound level meters. David Hadaway investigates whether audio transformers have a distortion rise at low levels. 38 pp.

V25-2 contains summaries of a meeting with Paul Feinberg, trombonist; a concert of the New England String Ensemble coupled with a tour of WGBH and their surround sound recording; and Winter CES reports. ALso an article about an early direct coupled vacuum tube amp design. 31 pp.

V25-1 contains a meeting summary of the visit to Richard Burwen's home and his 20,000 watt HiFi system, reviews of the Zenith Digital Tunerand the Radio Shack Digital Multimeter, David Moran's review of the Bugtussel $4000 Amygdala Loudspeaker, an article on Illegal Music Copying Issues, and a review of the book The Soundscape of Modernity by Emily Thompson. 26 pp.

V24-4 contains 3 meeting summaries: Eugene Pitts, former editor of former Audio Magazine, Winslow Burhoe and the "Silent" Loudspeaker, and Bob Adams of Analog Devices, reviews of the Martin Logan and Quad Electrostatic Loudspeakers and David Moran on the "so-called" floor bounce. 34 pp.

V24-3 Contains 5 meeting summaries: The ELP Laser Turntable, CES Reports, Alvin Foster's Home Line Source System, Richard Goldwater's Home Audio and Video Systems and the RCA Connector Clinic Report. Also reminisences of David Blackmer by Les Tyler (dbx) and Henry Kloss by John Milder (KLH). Al Foster reviews the history of live vs. recorded at AR, also a piece on a do-it-yourself record cleaner on a budget. Also there is a complete listing of all guests of the BAS since 1973 and when the writeup appeared in the BASS. 41 pp.

V24-2 contains 3 meeting summaries: Joel Rosenblatt of Atlantic Technology Loudspeakers, Chris Field of EOSS Loudspeakers, and Bob Berkovitz of Sensimetrics on audio forensics. The last has many fascinating examples of analyzing audio recordings, sometimes in criminal cases (shades of C.S.I.!). Obits and reminiscenses of Henry Kloss and Richard Bolt (of Bolt Beranek and Newman), a followup on HDTV reception and industry news fill out the 25 pages.

V24-1 contains 4 meeting summaries: Scott Billington of Rounder Records, Bruce Van Allen of Boulder Amplifiers, the 2001 CES and ALMA (Loudspeaker) conventions and John Emerson's comprehensive presentation (9 pages) on antennas for digital television reception. Articles about resurrecting the AR3A, a high performance phono stage for under $100, comparative tests of phono stages and a user's report on ReplayTV combine with the usual news to fill out the 36 pages.

V23-4 features meeting writeups of CES 2001, Owens-Corning Room Treatments, John Marks of John Marks Records, and Ron Coffin and his CoDrive Woofer; articles on LP cartridge comparisons, and testing the API S1 satellite and Eggleston Fontaine loudspeakers. 39pp

V23-3 features 4 meeting summaries including Steve Owades' report on the concert hall acoustics conference at Tanglewood, guest Ken Kessler, Ira Leonard's report on hearing conservation and home theater installation, and our meeting at Genelec. It also features a quote from Henry James (the BAS literary gazette?). 37pp

V23-2 has a history of recordable CDs and 3 meeting summaries including a history of multichannel sound by John S. Allen. 35pp

V23-1 features 2 meeting summaries: an entertaining visit to Clark Johnsen's Listening Studio and High Definition Video at Hi-Rez. 24pp

V22-5,6 features 6 meeting summaries: Marc McCalmont of Mach 1 Acoustics, David Plumb of ETF Acoustics, David Moulton on small-Room Acoustics, Yoshi Seguri of 47 Laboratories, Steven Rochlin on Audio & the Web, and David Griesinger & Multichannel Matters. Articles on all you ever wanted to know on digital filtration, HDTV at the front lines by Gary Merson, On listening by John F. Allen, Adventures in recording by Don Loose, and further thoughts on the B&W802 by David Moran. 48pp

V22-4 features 2 meeting summaries: Reuben Guss of Magnum Opus, amd Leslie williams on Loudspeaker Design, parts 1 & 2. Articles: My eCinema Experience by David Weinberg, areview of the VPI HW-19 MkIII turntable by Carlos E. Bauza, and HiFi Table Radio Showdown by David Moran and E. Brad Meyer. 22pp

V22-3 features 3 meeting summaries: Manny Maier of the Old AR, Tom Bohlender of Wisdom Audio, Speaker Designer Joseph D'Appolito, and a report on the BAES meeting with David Griesinger on Surround Sound. 15pp

V22-2 features 1 meeting summary: Winter CES. Articles: Cheap Tuner, Best Buy by Bernard Kingsley, Experimental classical Recording Using Three Separate Surround Miking Systems by Davi Moulton, and The 'Best' Loudspeaker: Revisiting Dispersion Issues by Alvin Foster. 31pp

V22-1 features 3 meeting summaries: Classic Records, Paul Barton of PSB SPeakers, and The Future of the Society. Articles: Fire in the Hole by Bernard Kingsley, Revisiting the Koss ESP/950 Headphones by Alvin Foster. 18 pp


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Some earlier BASS issues, previously available only directly by mail, are now available online. Show your appreciation for the immense amount of dedicated work that went into both the original writing, gathering, editing and printing, PLUS the more recent scanning and conversion to PDF format, by joining the Society, HERE !

00-02-7209 fin 26k 2p Financial condition as of 1972
01-01-7210 40k  5p Mike Wargo, Al Southwick
01-02-7211 92k  13p Boston Symphony Sponsorship, phono cart capacitance, recording seminar
01-03-7212a 75k   6p RCA Quadradisc, Victor Campos, tape recorder clinic results, recommended records
01-04-7301b 102k 12p DBX - René Jaeger, Al Foster on how to decide which tape to use; cassette saturation
01-05-7302b 72k 10p Selecting opera recordings
01-06-7303 81k 11p Roy Allison discusses room parameters, Richard Goldwater's "Audiophilia"
01-07-7304 91k 11p European recordings, 'Adding a Null Switch' by Peter Mitchell, Victor Campos Letter
01-08-7305a 86k 16p Cleaner records for a cleaner sound - long article
01-09-7306 304k 19p LM381 OpAmp; tape saturation; report on BAS questionnaire; Revox777+Teac reports
01-10-7307a 320k 19p How magnetic recording works
01-11-7308 234k 8p July meeting report - cassette recording; member interests; spkr efficiency SPL report
01-12-7309 68k 9p August meeting report -Mark Davis amp harmonic demo report; servicing questionnaire
01-12-7309 fin 266k 8p Where your money went in 1972-1973 and where it's going next year
02-01-7310 87k 12p Andy Pettit-Advent; James Brinton Pioneer TX-9100 report; setting up a tape recorder
03-01-7410 199k 25p Slew rate; comparing open reel tapes; vacuum cleaning records
03-02-7411 166k 29p tests, ultimate phono cartrg's; noise reduction;Shanefield AB testing; Brinton dbx 122
03-03-7412b 192k 27p Burwen DNF-1200;Dolby+FM; dealer-customer relations; issue TOC; SCA interference
03-04-7501b 258k 33p Phono cart+arms; 814C mic; phono damping; stylus overhang template; pink noise gen
03-05-7502b 201k 25p AB comparisons; Peter Mitchell on microphones
03-06-7503 287k 29p Hardware issue; AB testing; Son of a Witch-Glitch switch; more on the 814C mic.
03-07-7504 194k 29p Still more 814C; DDL; Rene Jaeger; TIM Distortion; Tuners; White/Pink noise
03-08-7505 232k 21p AR arm mod; member eqpt. survey; Sequerra story; phono feedback
03-09-7506b 356k 37p Spkr Z measurements; phono cart cap; Dunlap; headphone amp; myths; D.Colin paper
03-10-7507b 278k 29p Allison 1; 814 again; tape timing; spkr current measurements; Discwasher;
03-11-7508b 233k 30p Suggested records; print-through; 814 mic preamp; using the BAS sine wave osc
03-12-7509b 221k 31p More 814 preamp;homemade SLM; Ø shift and the ear article; Koss electrostatics;
04-01-7510 671k 27p MORE 814; tonearm damping; Allison 1; Joe Hostetter and Berklee
04-02-7511 934k 35p Advent woes; Idea file; Tom Holman phono preamp discussion; Holman tests
04-03-7512 1.2M 34p Quad discussion; folded horns; reducing distortion in tape; spkr placement; $/watt
04-04-7601 819k 35p Cassette tapes; Epistemology discussion; cartridges; Janszen eletrostatics; Ionovac
04-05-7602 715k 31p Eqpt mods; ESS Heil phones; Dynaco PAT-5; Dayton-Wright XG-8
04-06-7603b 1.9M 30p RFI; Servicing discussion; $/dB; audio filing system; Keith Monks tonearm
04-07-7604 552k 30p Double-blind; tonearm discussion; Levinson JC-1; The Turtle Amp...
04-08-7605b 659k 31p Preamp switchbox; BAS SUBJECT GUIDE; tonearms; Phase Linear 1000; Quad amp
04-09-7606 765k 31p Loudness curves; Alvin Foster -Preamp Test
04-10-7607b 794k 34p Transient elim; AKG Mic. meeting notes; Ø distortion tests; speaker wire size
04-1112-7608/09b 3M 45p Long meeting discussion; tuner clinic; preamp gain; system setup using SPL meter
04-1112-7608/09y 506k 45p Lots! Literature; automotive; meetings: delay lines; AR/Teledyne; Strain-guage cartridge; Tuner clinic; passive preamps; using SLM for EQ'ing
05-01-7610 544k 25p Tape machines for field recording; Dynaco PAT-5 mod
05-02-7611 1.8M 35p Beveridge spkr; spkr driver survey; Grace 704 damped tonearm;
05-03-7612 926k 29p Recommended vinyl; weighting explained; Hafler Dynaquad; Shure meeting; Mac amps
05-04-7701b 959k 29p Japan audio fair; Digital tape; programmed delay; reviewing the reviewers
05-05-7702 1M 26p Brands of tape compared; Noise sources in preamps; Rabco SL-8E arm
05-06-7703 543k 27p Kef Correlli; Disctracker; Audio research SP-4 Preamp; Listening with your eyes;
05-07-7704 945k 33p Hum notch filters; Tom Holman: Input Z and an Z bridge;
05-08-7705 672k 32p Tone arm alignment; Snell; Audio/Pulse DDL; Shure EQ; Musical pitch-freq chart
05-09-7706 616k 22p Many technical observations; Sheffield review; "in the literature" section
05-10-7707 884k 30p Receiver tests; adding blend speakers; $ /sq ft of audio magazines...
05-11-7708 1M 35p Vol 4 index; Phase linearity discussion; time dispersion discussion
05-12-7709 747k 34p Technical quagmire issue; comments on comments...
06-01-7710b 688k 33p Cartridge reviews; direct-to-disc;acoustic feedback; dbx compander; rack mounting
06-04-7801 899k 36p Digital recording; using crossovers; ferrofluid; Rabco SL-8 mods
06-08-7805 548k 31p Books for DIY; BSO Mics; '77 NY Hi-Fi Show; Quality Hi-Fi on a budget
06-12-7809 737k 32p Vol 5 guide; Tuner testing; Dolby emphasis; Atlanta IHF show
07-08-7905a 849k 30p Al Foster on sonic holography; corrections+complaints; disc levels, great issue
08-0102-791011c 14M 54p Rumble filter; Amp design controversy; Transmission line design; Carver meeting; Tom Holman meeting; APT pwr amp; Mech+Acous feedback in phono systems; AB switchbox
08-03-7912 710k 34p Anti-skating; cassette tests; antenna installation; 4 state-of-the-art preamps
08-04-8001b 723k 34p TT/arm/cart clinic Part 1; dbx disc encoding/decoding; tonearm geometry; The EQ myth
08-05-8002 816k 32p TT/arm/cart clinic Part 2; Carver meeting; BAS Constitution
08-06-8003b 661k 25p TT reviews+tweaks; Revox meeting notes; AR9 Speaker;
08-07-8004 541k 29p Dolby level; Steve Temmer meeting; Acoustic comb filtering; spkr cables compared
08-08-8005 444k 25p Characterizing the listening room; equipment review index
08-09-8006 738k 24p Digital recording; Sony PCM-1
08-10-8007 515k 28p Stax; special meeting report; localization tests; CES reports
08-11-8008 345k 24p Ear protection; cheap mics+EQ; Discussion of "Q"
08-12-8009 274k 25p More Carver Sonic Hologram; Luxman reviews; recording panel discussion
09-08-8105a 657k 18p Open forum; dbx 2020; dbx N.R. and the "Z" problem; Dolby C meeting notes
09-10-8106a 1.3M 22p Spelling of 'disc'; lotsof meeting notes; Audio Scene (Canada) 6 cartridges review
09-10-8107a 2M 25p Gordon Holt is kicking; Steven Temmer responds; Cinema meet +Kintek
09-11-8108a 600k 26p Amplifier clinic with extensive notes + diagrams
17-01-8907b 406k 16p Audiophiles-go figure!; Keith Johnson Meeting+recorder; John S. Allen meeting
17-02-8910 355k 11p Attitude +Competence of mfgs; Cost of equipment; Hsu Subs + delay discussion
17-03-8911 502k 14p Aartifacts in CD playback; absolute polarity; open forum meeting reports
17-04-8912 395k 8p An expensive stereo; Allison AL-130 review; MB Quart review; WGBH history
17-05-9002 487k 12p Speaker evaluating criteria; Beyer headphones; Allison acoustics meeting; Woodstock
17-06-9005 1M  35p Horiz dispersion; David Moran dbx story with lots of charts
18-01c 1M 20p John Allen's HPS4000 speaker; Carver 'Amazing' spkr review by Alvin Foster
18-02c 586k 8p Jordan Hall (Boston) AB comparison; April 1990 Meeting; HPS4000 experience
18-03a 653k 9p Visit to Boston Acoustics; DJW reviews THX System; July 1990 meeting
18-04a 875k 15p Comments Foster/Carver; Paul Gardocki; Bob Ludwig on digital Audio; Oct 89 meeting
22-2-0599 463k 35p Cheap tuner; southern discomfort; 3 miking systems; dispersion issues revisited
23-1-0700 440k 28p Digital audio extraction; TV station levels; Surround speakers; Dec 99 meeting

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